Monday, 9 September 2013

More Gigs!!!!

Hey Guys, We have quite a few gigs coming up that we would LOVE to see y'all at. The first one is at Gladesville Sporties club on Saturday 12th October, 8 -12pm. This is Rom's stomping ground so watch out - he's gonna go off!! We will be playing here for New Year's Eve too so pop that one in your diaries 'cause who needs fireworks when you've got us!!

Then we have Marrickville Tennis Club on Saturday 26th October, 8 -12pm  & we are going to be doing some new songs at these gigs so you know you wanna be there!

Next up is the wonderful Hornsby Inn again Saturday 9th November 8-12pm. Grab some yummy Thai & get funky with some Past Tense grooves!!

Here are some shots from our last gig at the Hornsby Inn, 
thanks to all who made it such a fun night

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