Monday, 23 March 2015

Hey dudes, 

We've been very quiet for a while but we have some 
new exciting things on the horizon so keep the faith!! 

We need to say a very belated - very sorry for the tardiness of this Clarky but Christmas etc got in the way - BIG FAREWELL to Clarky. Was always such fun rocking out with you. Good luck in the future with all your endeavours. 

And so we have some sparkly new members Pablo Chico on the bass (well he's not so sparkling as he's been around for a little while now! - but still shiny of course!) and Miltos who plays rhthym guitar & sings Jessies's girl better than Rick Springfield so next time you come see us you (& we) will go off !!!! 

Soon we have a gig lined up 

Sat 30th May 

at our beloved 

Berowra Tavern 

so please pop that in your diaries!  & hopefully many more to come will let you know as soon as we know !!! Love youse xxxxx

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